Tesla API

How is this site organized?

This site is broken into sections for different API information:

  • Authentication - API commands to generate an {access_token} to communicate with your vehicle.

  • Vehicles - API commands to communicate between your vehicle and your client.

  • Codes - Localized Tesla vehicle option codes for the Model S and Model X

What Tesla products are supported?

  • Tesla Model S

  • Tesla Model 3

  • Tesla Model X

  • Tesla Model Y

What is teslaapi.io?

This is a community of developers who are reverse engineering Tesla's API.

What are the client_id and client_secret values?

Authentication to the Tesla API is done through OAuth. These values were retrieved from somebody's OAuth session and are now being used for API access.

Is this API official?

Absolutely not. These endpoints are a result of reverse engineering Tesla's mobile applications and vehicle software.

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